Learn about what Rancho El Milagro (Miracle Ranch) is, what we do and what we care about.

Because some miracles are possible

At Rancho El Milagro (Miracle Ranch), our mission is to provide for the care, nurture and overall development of each of our children.

All of this within a home and family setting of the Christian faith; to cultivate intellectual, physical, spiritual, social and emotional well-being in each child as a unique and special entity.

Some miracles are really possible. Demanding, yes. But impossible? Hardly. Consider for a moment the following exercise: Think about the person(s) you love most in your life. Close your eyes for a moment, until you have a face in mind. Then try to imagine what it would be like to “lose” that person forever. Maybe you already know. It hurts. All that love, gone. All that potential, waste. Try to feel what it might be like. All that loss. Next, multiply that loss and that love by 40,000. Each day, 40,000 young children around the world die before their time. They are individuals no less real than the one you are thinking about. But while they are born with the same capacities to give the chance for either. For many, it’s why they do not survive.